Evaluating Computational Models of Language Acquisition

How do children learn language? This question is one of the most important and mysterious challenges facing the modern linguistics community. If answered, language acquisition curriculums could be optimized, neural networks could be designed to more effectively learn human language, language corpora could be modeled after human language comprehension, and our understanding of the complexContinue reading “Evaluating Computational Models of Language Acquisition”

What Is Cognitivism?

As we previously discussed, the field of linguistics can be separated into four general schools of thought: Functionalism, Structuralism, Generativism, and Cognitivism. Today I’d like to discuss Cognitivism, an offspring of Generativism. Cognitive Linguistics was founded sometime in the 1970s by linguists who thought the idea of an inherent universal grammar that all humans possessContinue reading “What Is Cognitivism?”

The Language Instinct – Steven Pinker

I recently picked up another one of Steven Pinker’s books, The Language Instinct. It contains an absolutely fascinating explanation of what language really is and how humans interpret it. Today I’d like to highlight one of the book’s chapters, “The Sounds of Silence,” in which Pinker discusses an interesting phenomenon that we all experience quiteContinue reading “The Language Instinct – Steven Pinker”

The Stuff Of Thought – Steven Pinker

With the days getting shorter and shorter and the temperature quickly dropping, there’s no better time to pick up an engaging book and read. This week, I ventured into The Stuff Of Thought by Steven Pinker, and I immediately fell in love with his compelling writing style and thought-provoking statements about the origins and meaningsContinue reading “The Stuff Of Thought – Steven Pinker”