Is Linguistic Relativity Real?

A few months ago I made a post discussing the theory of linguistic relativity, explaining its general premise and how it was applied in a well-known sci-fi movie. Today, I’d like to revisit the idea, exploring how credible its different versions really are through examinations of a few case studies. To briefly summarize the concept,Continue reading “Is Linguistic Relativity Real?”

What Are the McGurk and Bouba/Kiki Effects?

This week, trying to enjoy the strange 70-degree weather in the middle of November, I spent some time outside reading about two fun linguistic phenomena: the McGurk and Bouba/Kiki effects. The prior is an illusion that occurs when the sound of a phoneme and the lip movement of a different phoneme are overlapped, tricking theContinue reading “What Are the McGurk and Bouba/Kiki Effects?”

Cross-Linguistic Semantics: Methodological Advances

As I mentioned in my previous post, this summer, I had the pleasure of attending the 33rd European Summer School in Logic, Language, and Information, a fascinating series of multidisciplinary courses focusing on the intersection of computational linguistics, semantics, and logic. Today, I’d like to discuss another class that I attended at the school thatContinue reading “Cross-Linguistic Semantics: Methodological Advances”

What Are The Linguistics Wars?

I’m currently working on a paper discussing the effects of the generativist universal grammar theory on linguistics and related fields. The UG theory is highly controversial and is still disputed to this day. In order to understand the complexity of the debate, one must first learn about where the debate originated: a falling out betweenContinue reading “What Are The Linguistics Wars?”

Comparative Illusion and Garden Path Sentences

Over the past few weeks, I’ve encountered some extremely interesting sentence structures that intentionally trick the human brain, and I wanted to share them here today. I encourage you to read all the examples multiple times, even if they don’t make sense at first, as figuring out their true meanings is quite rewarding. More PeopleContinue reading “Comparative Illusion and Garden Path Sentences”

The Language Instinct – Steven Pinker

I recently picked up another one of Steven Pinker’s books, The Language Instinct. It contains an absolutely fascinating explanation of what language really is and how humans interpret it. Today I’d like to highlight one of the book’s chapters, “The Sounds of Silence,” in which Pinker discusses an interesting phenomenon that we all experience quiteContinue reading “The Language Instinct – Steven Pinker”

Semantics and Post-Structuralism

With lectures and classes starting to become more available online, it’s become much easier for me to find learning opportunities without leaving the comfort of my home. Last weekend, I had the privilege of listening to a fascinating lecture on Post-Structuralism at MIT Splash, a weekend of classes taught by MIT students. Post-Structuralism is aContinue reading “Semantics and Post-Structuralism”

The Stuff Of Thought – Steven Pinker

With the days getting shorter and shorter and the temperature quickly dropping, there’s no better time to pick up an engaging book and read. This week, I ventured into The Stuff Of Thought by Steven Pinker, and I immediately fell in love with his compelling writing style and thought-provoking statements about the origins and meaningsContinue reading “The Stuff Of Thought – Steven Pinker”