Phonology and Music

For years, linguists have been compiling corpora of different languages and their various subcomponents in order to learn more about the nature of human communication. Analyzing these large datasets of text or spoken language, researchers have been able to draw fascinating conclusions about the underlying grammars of languages, the ways languages have changed over time,Continue reading “Phonology and Music”

Who Was Morris Halle?

On April 1st, 2022, MIT dedicated a wing of their Stata Center to Noam Chomsky and Morris Halle, celebrating the achievements of the two great linguists and the ongoing incredible linguistic study being conducted at the university. In my time studying linguistics, I have heard of Noam Chomsky many times, frequently seeing him referred toContinue reading “Who Was Morris Halle?”

The Language Instinct – Steven Pinker

I recently picked up another one of Steven Pinker’s books, The Language Instinct. It contains an absolutely fascinating explanation of what language really is and how humans interpret it. Today I’d like to highlight one of the book’s chapters, “The Sounds of Silence,” in which Pinker discusses an interesting phenomenon that we all experience quiteContinue reading “The Language Instinct – Steven Pinker”

Optimality Theory

The days in New England finally feel like they’re getting longer now, and with the increase in daylight, I’ve gone back to staring out of the window on my way home from school, enjoying the scenery, and, of course, thinking about my next linguistics endeavor. Today I wanted to discuss Optimality Theory, a general modelContinue reading “Optimality Theory”

Phonology in Course In General Linguistics – Ferdinand de Saussure (Continued)

Two weeks ago, I delved into the basics of phonology with Ferdinand de Saussure’s book, Course In General Linguistics. I concluded that discussion with a mention of the division of spoken language into smaller components, and I will continue it here today. I strongly recommend reading my previous post before delving into today’s more technicalContinue reading “Phonology in Course In General Linguistics – Ferdinand de Saussure (Continued)”

Phonology in Course In General Linguistics – Ferdinand de Saussure

In an effort to learn more about Phonology, the study of the organization of a language’s sounds, I took a deep dive into Ferdinand de Saussure’s thoughts on Phonology in Course in General Linguistics. Saussure’s words on the topic were absolutely fascinating, and they significantly advanced my understanding of the field, so I wanted toContinue reading “Phonology in Course In General Linguistics – Ferdinand de Saussure”