Is Linguistic Relativity Real?

A few months ago I made a post discussing the theory of linguistic relativity, explaining its general premise and how it was applied in a well-known sci-fi movie. Today, I’d like to revisit the idea, exploring how credible its different versions really are through examinations of a few case studies. To briefly summarize the concept,Continue reading “Is Linguistic Relativity Real?”

Evaluating Computational Models of Language Acquisition

How do children learn language? This question is one of the most important and mysterious challenges facing the modern linguistics community. If answered, language acquisition curriculums could be optimized, neural networks could be designed to more effectively learn human language, language corpora could be modeled after human language comprehension, and our understanding of the complexContinue reading “Evaluating Computational Models of Language Acquisition”

What is the Language of Time?

The third course I had the opportunity to attend at the 33rd European Summer School in Logic, Language, and Information was titled Temporal Logic: Priorian Perspectives. The lectures were delivered by Professor Patrick Blackburn, one of the best public-speakers I have ever met. The class represented my first formal lessons in complex logic, and IContinue reading “What is the Language of Time?”


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