What is the Language of Time?

The third course I had the opportunity to attend at the 33rd European Summer School in Logic, Language, and Information was titled Temporal Logic: Priorian Perspectives. The lectures were delivered by Professor Patrick Blackburn, one of the best public-speakers I have ever met. The class represented my first formal lessons in complex logic, and I must admit that the field is absolutely fascinating. I find the idea of using mathematical representations to prove complex phenomena of every day life really interesting, and temporal logic certainly provided me with a new perspective on how complex those representations can really get.

In order to introduce you to temporal logic in an interactive way, I put together an informal, hands-on presentation on the topic. A few things to know before we get started: logics are mathematical systems used to express complex topics, temporal logic is a branch of logic that is concerned with modeling time, and the type of temporal logic I will be discussing today is called Priorian Logic, named after its created Arthur Prior.

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